Backing Up Your Logbooks

Just like computers which need backed up regularly, so do your log books for your plane. Did you realize that a large amount of your planes value comes from having full logs. I have read time and time again where planes have been taken to a shop and for some reason or another the shop has lost their logs.

What Readers Are Saying

Very easy to follow and understand. Will have you up and running in no time.

– Scott Gregg – N5980U

What a great way to protect your investment. Highly recommended and easy to use

– Larry Attebery – N56992

I have created an e-book just for you and I want to give it to you for FREE! In this e-book I guide you through the building of each log book as well as free cloud storage that you can use on a Mac or a PC.  You can also gain access to the log books when you are on the road anywhere you have internet and a mobile device.

The simplest way to backup your logs it to just use a smart phone. If you have a nice scanner that is awesome, but a quick snapshot with your smartphone will do wonders.

Backup Your Aircraft Logbook in the cloud

Beyond that I will also walk you through how to make update as you perform ongoing maintenance, 100hr inspections and annual inspections as well as make your log searchable.

The beauty of this is that you never have to worry about your logs going missing.  This happens in the aviation world far more often than you would think.  This is a sure fire way to never face that giant!

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