It doesn’t take an owner long to realize that if they have some mechanical aptitude and the ability to craw into tight spaces, they will find saving in their aircraft maintenance costs.

I took a big jump off a big cliff and landed in ownership of a 1977 Cessna 414.  I did all the math one could ever do, I talked to many current and previous owners to learn as much as I could.  However, nothing could prepare me for the lessons learned with owning my very own mini-airliner.  It is my opinion that bang for the buck cannot be beat owning a Pressurized Twin Cessna.  I have to also qualify my statement by the fact I have yet to own a Pressurized Piper Malibu with a 550 conversion (future is bright).

The Cessna Pressurized Twin is a very comfortable and capable aircraft.  Of the 300/400 series the 414 was my pick.. I liked it because it had a bigger cabin, less crowded isle way and also had a built in potty in the back.  The plane was Known Ice and boasted 335HP per side with TSIO-520 RAM IV’s installed.

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