NOTAM: 1 Thessalonians 5:17  “pray without ceasing,”

You have just received you hold amendment and your now cleared to the hold. It’s been a great flight with the family on your way to the Oregon Coast and now your about to get your game on.  Your hold Instructions are to hold west of the VOR on the 270 radial 1 mile legs non standard turns, maintain 4000 EFC 13:10 time now 12:58.

You tell your family you’ll be going into the soup for about 15 minutes before we are on the ground. This is where the efforts of training and all that cash you invested into your IFR rating is going to pay off.  You have drawn your hold, you have your plates, all your radios are dialed in and you have etched the missed approach procedure into you mind like that of a cattle brand. You cross the fix and turn outbound to enter a teardrop when all the sudden you get a generator light and you see you have lost electrical. Knowing you have very little time on the battery if any, you let ATC know your situation. ATC works to get you on the approach but your voltage drops and you lose all communication before you declare an emergency!   You remember you have a portable comm in your boy scout like flight bag in the back. You motion to your son who is in the backseat to hand you a radio.  You motion to him  by holding your hand up like your talking on a phone. He hands the comm to you, you dial in ATC and hammer down the transmit button with your thumb.  The voice over the radio says that there are no VFR airports within fuel range but thy can guide you in to a position to hand you off to the tower for a non precision approach to the airport. The controller  gets you turned inbound and provides a descent altitude and a heading and hands you off to the tower.  Tower: Fly heading 090, descend to 3000…..descend to 2000… Maintain 090 heading… You wait flashing your eyes in and out of the cockpit looking thru the low visibility in front of you desperate to see the runway. Descend to 1,300, you should see the runway now, we see your lights!  Yes, there it is! You fly final and land, as you pull off the runway the tower responds on the radio. “Good job sticking with me, you can call repair at this phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) ask for Dave, he will treat you right”

As we walk our daily journey we can get ourselves all prepared and head knee deep into the world. That calm voice on the radio is the Holy Spirit there to guide our every move. Often we can walk thru our day and never seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit because we think we have everything dialed in on our own or we just get so busy with our procedures we forget to tune in. However, we always need that comm open so we can be guided, watched over and given direction in every aspect of our lives.

5T’s: From the verse above, ask yourself how you  line up with the 5 T’s today.

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Treasures
  • Testimony
  • Tithe

NavLog:  Are you in constant communication with the Lord, are you praying without ceasing?  This is a hard concept that I know I personally have to continue to work on, but I encourage everyone who reads this to keep conversation going all day with your Heavenly Father.

PIREP:  Lord I pray the Holy Spirit guide me in all areas of my life. I thank you for blessing me with access to the Holy Spirit to provide wisdom
and to be my counselor.