Day 7 – Majesty of the Sky

Majesty of the Sky


NOTAM: Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

As pilots, we have a unique perspective of the world around us. We see views from the cockpit that many will never see.  There is beauty in climbing into the clear and seeing the sun shining, the puffy layers of clouds below, and wispy tails of vapor all around.  However, no matter what picture I show, no matter how much I try and describe it, the beauty of this picture is never as real as it is to me because I was there.  I took the picture. I had the experience first hand and it’s nearly impossible for me to relay the experience.  As a pilot, you also have many experiences that can’t be put into words, or even represented by a high definition picture.  This is because it’s coupled with smells, the sound of audio headsets, the engine singing, and the cool temperature of the side windows of the cockpit.  It’s not something you can simply talk about and know, you must experience it.

This is like our relationship with the Lord.  I can talk about my relationship with the Lord. I can write about it and I can give my testimony.  However, it’s not as real as having God surround you, touch you and lift you up.  I’m not discounting testimonials, or the speaking and writing of God’s great work.  I am also not implying that you will not know God by reading or hearing about Him. I’m simply stating that the experiential side of God is so deep and rich it can’t be put into words or captured by a picture, no matter how high quality the picture may be.

5T’s.  Have you had an experience with God?  One you can’t put into words?

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NAVLOG:  Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you in new and awe inspiring ways through His Word, His creation, His miracles, and most of all, His love for you.

PIREP (Prayer Time) Lord, let me see your majesty in every moment. Give me eyes to see and experience You beyond anything words or pictures can describe.