Sporty!  That is how I would describe the King Air F90.  I walked out on the ramp to find my long time friend and instructor Blake Spry pre-flighting the King Air he flies for a local company.


The Flight

This would be a maintenance flight and I would be safety for testing the systems for flying approaches.  The F-90 is a late model 90 version and from a distance you could easily confuse if for an early model BE200 KA model.  The panel has been updated with state of the art Garmin technologies sporting G600 with SVT as well as dual GTN750 WaaS GPS/Nav/Com units.


You will notice that the Round Dials for engine monitoring and feedback are traditional as is the Altitude selector and alerting system.  This will later be interconnected with an update from Garmin sometime in 2015.

I expected the #KA to fly heavy, in my head I was thinking it would feel similar to a Seneca.  I was dead wrong, in fact it was just the opposite.  As I took the yoke and rudders and performed steep turns, the plane felt like it was on rails.  Light, easy to fly, well coordinated and sporty might be a good description.  I think I’d call it a Porsche but it feels to big to reference it that way.


Flying a few approaches, validating the autopilot items were resolved we came back into Rwy 28L at KBOI and completed the flight.  I have to say the flight and the plane was clearly in my top 5 of pilot machines with massive capabilities.

Here is a short video of our approach into 28L for KBOI at the end of our flight.  Many thanks to Blake for taking time to let me ride along.