Happy Birthday

It was an early birthday present for me and boy was it a great one. The weather was hot but it was great to see one of the worlds last great flying B-29’s, “FiFi” at the Boise airport.  I could not wait to see how amazing this old bird looked up close.  We did the tour and then as we walked around, the Bucket Of Bolts Pilot “John” asked if we were interested in a ride in his C-45.

Of course it didn’t take long for me to answer after quickly talking with the wife. The answer was abso-freaking-lutley!  We schedule for a morning flight when the temps were not up in the high 90’s as it was summer in high desert in July.  We made our way back that night in the cool evening to snap a couple shots of “FIFI” as she sat out in front of the FBO.


The next morning the whole family came with me to go for a ride in this wonderful old war era C-45.  I believe it’s actually a Beech 18 fixed up to look like the C-45 but not 100% sure.  I was like a kid in a candy store as the old radials sputtered and spit until the engines fired up, blowing smoke out the back and chugging.  It took me back to being a kid listing to the old Ag-Cat my father use to fly, firing up at sunrise in the Tehachapi desert.

We made our way around the local valley with a few quick glances over the lake and the city.  The plane was amazing to fly, much lighter on the controls than I ever imagined.  It was indeed a rare chance to sit in, and fly a piece of amazing history for an aviator such as myself. I am forever grateful for my family for treating me to such a wonderful birthday gift.